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How to perform Tantric Fellatio photo courtesy www1 Metacafe - Online Video Entertainment, metacafe - Online Whether you use the technical term fellatio or call it a blow job, going down on a man, or giving him head, performing fellatio is an act that requires a lot of trust and a little bit of knowledge. Social messages about fellatio suggest that guys love it so much they dont care about technique. One of the world s largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Yes, Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms Here s The Tantric Psalm Isadora is the top tantra expert in the world, and a highly sought-after sexuality, relationship, and trauma expert specializing in womens health and empowerment as well as modern sexual education. Fellatio for Her Him - Make Him Purr, Moan Roar! For Women Women, have you ever wanted to give your man amazing pleasure? Well here is the class for you! Tantra is about diving deeply into desire and pleasure.

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Or better yet, ask him if you can shave him for easier access. Share a Tantric kiss. Men differ greatly as to the kind of touch they like. Using your breath can spread orgasmic energy from your genitals through your entire body. If you'd like to know what other classes I'm teaching, you can. The final argument to ensure that you always apply this rule is this - f you start out *too* gentleslowly, in most cases this  ust excites your loer more, een in the rare cases that it frustrates her a little. Ask if he's ready for more. If you can keep your body relaxed and your mind clear of the mundane, your "inner goddess" can be fully present. In the Tantric view, sex and orgasm spiritual awareness at its peak. Begin rocking like you're in a rocking chair, moving your chest forward as you inhale, and rocking back as you exhale.

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Different techniques on how to pleasure him orally with your mouth, tongue and body! While you give your partner the lingam massage, remember to breathe the. It's very electric.". Price:.00/30.00 day of, to Register:, heather Rhea Dawn, is a Certified Tantra Educator, dancer, healer, teacher of body awareness and someone who loves supporting others to grow and be empowered in their intimate lives and in the world. When stimulated properly, it is very pleasurable for men. Vary your grip from harder to lighter. He might go from being rock hard to semi-hard. The techni#ues here, therefore, are centered around cunnilingus, including (since there's no separate name) using your fingers.

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