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cock P, 02:33 AM androNYC, is this venus2000 available from a PE pump website*-. The pump I am using is more like suck and push because it pulls air out then pushes it right back in That said none of the ctc pumps are capable of 5 pulses a seconds IMO. But again- what is this receiver of which they speak., 03:14 AM, smertrios when I am sleeping when I wake up and notice the warm feeling of my flopped over penis and check myself Usually my penis is never hanging out like that and this. Size: Total length.8 cm/9.4 max. The gadget I am using is actually the pump unit to a venus2000. Last edited by tps :. With ten different pulsation patterns and a simple lock function to prevent accidental turn-ons, the Stronic Eins is truly the beginning of a brand new toy category. And youll do the, ron Popeil - Just set it and forget. penis pulsator münchen bizarr

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2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement. Looks like an automatic edger. It *really* gets the penis moving in and out while inside the tube but IMO its much less extreme than a regular pump since the vacuum is usually never very strong. 12:42 AM, smertrios, i have this gadget that moves air in and out of a penis tube under force in this way its not quite like the suck and release pumps sold. What do you think? Also added a vac-extender under *very* light tension 3 days ago 2 hours seems like a long time for pumping? Reports are welcome- please let us know the brand model number and how it works for you., 02:00 AM, smertrios, as far as I know all the CTC pumps are suck and release which means they are only capable of producing a vacuum and releasing. Denslow Digital, LLC - Shipping Department as the return address. MG Billing Limited, 195-197 Old Nicosia-Limassol Road, Dali Industrial Zone 2540, Block 1, Cyprus. Best way I can think of to describe what it was doing would be to say it pulled me out and then released me repeatedly about twice every second for 2 hours but *never* with much force. In other words rather than just a release to atmosphere it pushes the air it pulled out of the tube back in under power. Please visit m, our authorized sales agent, mG Billing US Comp, 2300 Empire Avenue, 7th Floor, Burbank, CA 91504, USA. Its just a repeated pulling and then pushing on the penis! Im also guessing you need to set yourself up so that the receiver is supported much like the guy in the viddy. That said today I did it a bit different and after the 2 hours of pumping I cranked up the speed to more like 5 pulses per seconds for 1/2 hour. It would be fun to try it, but the 1000 price tag takes some if the fun out., 02:37 PM Michael34786 Ok, how do you get your name on the testing list.

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This change in speed raised the vacuum quite a bit. Made from soft, ergonomic silicone with a metal shaft inside, this waterproof toy cleverly sets internal magnets in motion to cause a strong thrusting motion to occur - the unit itself does not shrink or extend, but instead the movement of the magnets inside the. Link to masturbation video removed as it violates the forum guidelines. The sound given off by the machine is clearly heard but its not loud IMO., 09:45 PM Originally Posted by Smertrios Just found a video using google I would have linked porno von alten frauen nackte frauen 40 to the webpage with the video but the links on their website are not. I wouldnt mind testing out the machine and keeping notes on the results., 08:51 PM Smertrios If you dont have an erection the receiver will induce one as it pulls you in and out. penis pulsator münchen bizarr

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